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Finance Options

Why not spread the cost of dental treatment with interest free credit –

Dental Finance ( provides a simple and affordable way to pay for all types of dental treatment with a range of 0% and low-interest funding options which allows you to spread the cost of your treatment over an agreed period that suits your pocket.

We can help you spread the costs
  • Interest Free Credit for treatment of £500 and above over 6 or 10 months. You simply pay for your treatment and nothing else. 0% finance is just that, pay no interest on the loan amount with no deposit required, your total treatment cost is simply divided over the number of months you wish to pay it off.
Processing an application is extremely simple and the approval process normally only takes a matter of minutes:
  • Discuss your treatment plan with your dentist and arrange a payment plan to suit you
  • Complete application
  • Sign the agreement
  • Start your treatment
  • The agreed monthly payment will be collected by direct debit.

Terms and conditions apply. Credit subject to status and available to UK residents aged 18 and over.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a credit broker (not a lender)

Our Dental Fees

The dental fees illustrated are an indication of the private fees we charge.  Following your examination with the dentist you will be given a treatment plan itemising all your treatment and the cost involved.

Clayhall Dental Care – Private Treatment Price List
Routine Examination £55.00
Routine Examination Child £25.00
Small x-rays (Digital) each £12.00
Panoral x-ray (large) £55.00
CBCT scan £150.00
Regular Hygiene Visit £75.00
Airflow Stain Removal extra £15.00
Dentist Hygiene treatment £80.00
PERIODONTAL TREATMENT With Dentist (per quadrant) from: £145.00
Periodontal Treatment with a Dentist with a Special Interest in Periodontology
1 Hour Consultation £150.00
Conventional half mouth (Root surface debridement), 1 hour appointment £350.00
Surgical treatment from £400.00
RESTORATIONS (FILLINGS) from                                    
  COMPOSITE (White Filling) and AMALGAM (Silver Filling)
One surface £125.00
Two surfaces £165.00
Three surfaces £200.00
Three surfaces £200.00
Biodentine £175.00
EXTRACTIONS – from £125.00
Surgical Extractions – requiring bone removal from £195.00
Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Upper wisdom teeth between £250 and £400
Lower wisdom teeth between £400 and £600
Molar £580.00
Pre-molar £450.00
Incisor £350.00
Additional canal £180.00
Re-root canal treatment – price as above plus additional price of: £100.00
With Dentist with a special interest in RCTs
Consultation £75.00
Molar £650.00
Pre-molar £550.00
Incisor/Canines £450.00
Re-root canal treatment – price as above plus additional £100.00
Porcelain bonded £660.00
Full Gold Crown POA
Zirconia / Emax £750.00
Bonded / Nayyar Core £110.00
Direct Post and Core (Titanium/glass fibre) £150.00
Cast Post Core from £145.00
Re-cement crown £65.00
VENEERS (Porcelain, Empress/Procera) price from: £750.00
Composite Veneer £250.00
SmileFast Composite Veneer (per tooth) from £350.00
SmileFast Direct 4 (four teeth) From £1000.00
SmileFast Direct 6 (six teeth) From £1700.00
SmileFast Direct 8 (eight teeth) From £2500.00
SmileFast Direct 10 (ten teeth) From £3000.00
Zirconium-based, per unit £750.00
Fixed retainer/Pontic non precious per unit £680.00
Re-cement bridge from £95.00
Full upper and full lower £1370.00
Full upper OR full lower £745.00
Partial (Acrylic):  1 to 5 teeth £580.00
                          :   6 teeth plus £680.00
Chrome/Cobalt Denture price as per acrylic plus additional per denture £770.00
Flexible (DURAFLEX) : 1 to 5 teeth £900.00
                                        : 6 teeth plus                           £1200.00
Addition/Repairs :  Tooth from £105.00
:  Clasp from £145.00
:  Cracked/broken from £60.00
Michigan / Tanner / Sci Splints £395.00
MOUTHGUARDS – price from: £180.00
REMOVABLE RETAINER per arch £180.00
Home Bleaching (White Dental Beauty) £330.00
Bleach – per 3ml syringe £25.00
Re-make of bleaching trays – price per tray £150.00
ICON treatment – per session £300.00
Consultation £65.00
Placement of implant, post and crown from… £2700.00
INVISALIGN Consultation (Free with refundable deposit) £30.00
INVISALIGN Clincheck (waived on treatment acceptance) £90.00
Vivera Retainers (set of 3 dual arch retainers) £500.00
Comprehensive From £4200.00
Moderate From £3800.00
Lite From £3000.00
Express From £1600.00
GO From £3295.00
GO PLUS From £3595.00

Facial Aesthetics Price List

CONSULTATION (waived if patient goes ahead with treatment)£75.00
(Forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, down turned lips and gummy
1 Area£175.00
2 Areas£275.00
3 Areas£375.00
Any subsequent areas – (per extra area)£100.00
Masseter Injections (TMJ / grinding pain)£375.00
Neck Injections – (to help with sagging/vertical lines of neck)£375.00
Underarm Injections – (excessive sweating)£550 – 650
(Cheeks, lips, nasolabial and marionette lines) 
0.5 ml Syringe – (Lips only)£175.00
1 ml Syringe£275.00


NHS Dentistry

At Clayhall Dental Care, we are happy to accept new patients on the NHS, provided we have the capacity to do so.  Healthy gums, teeth and good oral hygiene are essential and everyone should have access to good quality, NHS dental care.

It is important to understand, however, that there are differences between NHS dentistry and Private dental treatment. NHS is a health service with limited resources, not a cosmetic service.  Private dentistry offers a wider range of treatments, materials and advanced dental techniques and equipment.   Cosmetic dentistry such as white fillings, veneers and teeth whitening are not available on the NHS.

The choice between NHS and private dental treatment is yours but please ask your dentist to explain the differences in detail. This will allow you to make an informed decision and be happy with the choice you make.

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