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Icon White Spot Removal

Icon White Spot Removal

Our dentists will examine your teeth and offer you advice on suitable treatments.

Icon White Spot Removal

White spots can show up on teeth for several reasons, such as demineralisation or fluorosis. ICON is a relatively modern way to remove white spots without the need to damage teeth.

The process involves using high viscosity resin infiltration within the tooth structure to reduce the white colour and then cover any residual areas.

Treatment with ICON costs £300 per session. Often only 1 treatment is needed, but in some cases, 3-4 sessions may be needed.

No. There is no pain from the treatment at all as the treatment is non-invasive.
Depending on the complexity of the white spot and the reason for it, the treatment can be completed in one visit. However, additional sessions maybe needed if the white spot infiltrates deep into the tooth.
The first step is to contact us to book an appointment with our dentists, who can assess your teeth and the reasons for the white spot. They will then advise on the best way forward, potentially using a combination of treatments.

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Here is some of our transformations, after images are taken at 3-5 year follow up appointments.

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