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What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections can help tackle the signs of ageing by reducing overactive facial muscles that pull and tug on the skin – this helps your skin look smoother and tighter. The break the skin gets from the muscles continually moving, allows the skin to smooth out, giving it a fresher look and can make you look years younger.

The treatment is gentle lasting from 3-6 months and prevents those annoying fine lines developing, which give our age away – no more caking your makeup in those lines. Regular treatments 2/3 times a year can make you feel more confident and rejuvenated.

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used for treating medical conditions, such as – excessive armpit sweating (Hyperhidrosis), teeth grinding (Bruxism)and headaches (Migraines).

Treatments we offer:

Masseter Injections

Botulinum toxin  injections is an effective and painless way to alleviate tension in the temporomandibular joint (grinding), reducing jaw pain, headaches and suffering.

Neck injections

As we age, the neck muscles pull the neck skin down resulting in sagging turkey neck skin and prominent vertical bands on the neck. Botulinum toxin injections is an effective treatment that targets these areas.

Gummy Smiles

A gummy smile is when too much gum tissue shows when you smile.  Botulinum toxin injections help reduce the amount of gum visible, thereby improving the gum line. 

Underarm Injections (Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive armpit sweating can be treated by using Botulinum toxin injections which is a straightforward method and is highly effective in reducing excessive sweating.

What are Dermal Fillers?

As we age, we lose essential collagen in our face, and it can become flatter and starts to sag. Deeper grooves can develop around your mouth, eyes can look hollower, and lips become thinner. The ageing process begins in our mid 20′, so it’s no wonder self-confidence can take a hit.

When the dermal filler is injected into the target area, it draws in water and moisture to plump-up and hydrates the skin. The dermal filler will mesh into normal skin tissue, giving you instantly smoother skin, lifted grooves and adding volume.

Dermal fillers can help restore our youthful appearance and tackle sagging skin to prevent facial structures starting to drop. Collagen, which is found in the network of your skin, acts like scaffolding for the face. As we age, this starts to break down. Fillers simply replace that lost collagen lifting the flatter areas and refreshes your look.

Treatments we offer:

Nasolabial Lines

These folds or lines are the deep creases which run from the side of the nose towards s the corner of your mouth.  Filler injections will make the area look smoother and younger, restoring the lost volume, leaving one with a refreshed-looking appearance.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines are creases or wrinkles which extend from each corner of the mouth down the chin and as for nasolabial lines, filler injections are used to restore lost volume and leaving one refreshed.

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Dr Rajpreet Padda BDS (London)

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1 Area£175.00
2 Areas£275.00
3 Areas£375.00
Any subsequent areas – (per extra area)£100.00
Masseter Injections (TMJ / grinding pain)£375.00
Neck Injections – (to help with sagging/vertical lines of neck)£375.00
Underarm Injections – (excessive sweating)£550 – 650
(Cheeks, lips, nasolabial and marionette lines) 
0.5 ml Syringe – (Lips only)£175.00
1 ml Syringe£275.00



We are offering a 10% off on all facial aesthetics including underarm injectables

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